Ivor “The Wolf” Fitzpatrick wins DBSL event 3 in Roadstone

The DBSL would like to congratulate Ivor Fitzpatrick, of Pioneers Blue, on winning the third installment of the DBSL series handicap events. The event was held today in the Roadstone Snooker Club.

Ivor got off to a rocky start against fellow Pioneer Jamie Shields in their last 16 meeting but came through a tight decider to win 2-1, before taking on Dave Goddard, of Roadstone C, in his quarter final match. There, Ivor faced another decider and yet again came through the victor beating Dave 2-1.

In the semi final he faced the solid Conor Harkin of Roadstone D where he found himself 1-0 down after Conor got off to a great start. Ivor answered with a sensational 83 clearance in the second frame to level the match at 1-1. Conor showed signs of weakness in the decider and the wolf sniffed blood and took control, eventually gaining a commanding lead of 41 points clear with 35 remaining, enough to take the match 2-1 and move on to the final, where he faced Tony O’Connor of Glenalbyn Blue.

Tony had a long but great run to the final himself, beating Tommy Murphy 2-0 in his first round match, then taking down a tough George O’Hara 2-1 in his last 16 match. He went on to beat the mighty Tony Kenny 2-0 in the quarter final and an in form Daniel Brcko 2-0 in the Semi Final.

The final showdown saw Tony, making his debut DBSL final, get off to a strong start, taking the first frame convincingly, before Ivor hit back strong in the second frame to level the match 1-1. Ivor however was solid in the decider, completely shutting Tony out of the frame, and clawing back the lead, to take the decider and win the match 2-1.

Ivor also had the highest break of the tournament with an 83 in his semi final against Conor.

DBSL would also like to thank Tournament Director Stephen Merrigan and the Roadstone Snooker Club as always for their fine hospitality throughout the day.

Full details of the event below.

Winner and Runner Up: Ivor Fitzpatrick and Tony O’Connor



Pre Lim
+65 Jay Doyle 1 v 2 Peter Conroy +57
+28 Paddy Brady 2 v 0 Eric Pei +25
+28 Sean King 2 v 0 Dehna Bennett +63
+40 Ronan Deegan 0 v 2 Brian O'Rourke +40
+54 Dave Goddard 2 v 0 Daniel McNamee +47
+75 Stephen Byrne SNR 0 v 2 Jamie Shields +50
+65 Mustaffa 0 v 2 Martin McDonald +58
+28 Tommy Murphy 0 v 2 Tony O'Connor +67
+67 Pat Smullen 0 v 2 George O'Hara +05
+50 Niall Lawless 1 v 2 Lenny Malone +65
+38 Martin Garland 2 v 1 Brendan Murphy +33
+33 Kevin O'Brien 2 v 1 Alex Hooper +75
Last 16
+36 Conor Harkin 2 v 0 Peter Conroy +57
+28 Paddy Brady 2 v 0 Sean King +28
+40 Brian O'Rourke 0 v 2 Dave Goddard +54
+15 Ivor Fitzpatrick 2 v 1 Jamie Shields +50
+46 Tony Kenny 2 v 0 Martin McDonald +58
+67 Tony O'Connor 2 v 1 George O'Hara +05
+65 Lenny Malone 2 v 1 Martin Garland +38
+33 Kevin O'Brien 0 v 2 Daniel Brcko +73
Quarter Finals
+36 Conor Harkin 2 v 0 Paddy Brady +28
+54 Dave Goddard 1 v 2 Ivor Fitzpatrick +15
+46 Tony Kenny 0 v 2 Tony O'Connor +67
+65 Lenny Malone 1 v 2 Daniel Brcko +73
Semi Finals
+36 Conor Harkin 1 v 2 Ivor Fitpatrick +15
+67 Tony O'Connor 2 v 0 Daniel Brcko +73
+15 IvorFitpatrick 2 v 1 Tony O'Connor +67
Player Break
Ivor Fitzpatrick 83
George O'Hara 53
Brian O'Rourke 49
Ivor Fitzpatrick 49

Event details
Venue: Roadstone
Entrance Fee: 20 Euro entry fee includes table charges
Format: All matches are best of 3
Handicaps: DBSL handicaps used
Time: 09.30am start
Dress code: Trousers and polo neck shirt