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A reminder to ALL captains about fixtures being postponed

A message to all captains

Per discussion at the 2022 AGM we are going to try to be more pro-active when it comes to postponed games being rearranged. DBSL have created a Fixture Postponed Form where captains can enter their details and advise the committee on games that were postponed, reasons why and possible date re-arrangements. We will work closely with the captains to get the matches completed in a timely manner and not have fixtures unnecessarily dragging on.

The form is located in the website menu or just underneath the league table on the home page. Please fill out the form and submit once a postponed fixture has arisen.



Jason Keogh wins first DBSL Handicap Tournament at the Pioneers

Congratulations to Jay “Krafty” Keogh, of the Pioneers Blue snooker team, who took down the DBSL Handicap Tournament Series 1 today in the Pioneers Snooker Club. On the way to victory, Jason beat Brian O’Rourke 2-1 in round 1, took down steady Pat Smullen 2-1 in the quarter final and won a close fought semi final match 3-2 against Kevin O’Brien.
Jason went on to beat Alan Fitzpatrick of Pioneers Whites 3-1 in the final.
DBSL would like to thank the Pioneers Snooker Club, especially Ivor Fitzpatrick for his hospitality throughout the day, along with the tournament director, Brendan Murphy.
Full details of the event below.

Winner and Runner Up: Jason Keogh and Alan Fitzpatrick


Winner Jason Keogh
Runner Up Alan Fitzpatrick


Pre-Lim Round
+11 Andrew Doherty 2 v 1 Brendan Murphy +35

First Round
+11 Andrew Doherty 1 v 2 Niall Lawless +50
+67 Dehna Bennett 0 v 2 Andrew Harvey +65
+55 Peter Conroy 0 v 2 Daniel Brcko +67
+45 Daniel McNamee 1 v 2 Alan Fitzpatrick +66
+55 Jamie Shields 0 v 2 Ivor Fitzpatrick +20
+65 Mark Dunne 1 v 2 Kevin O'Brien +35
+20 Jason Keogh 2 v 1 Brian O'Rourke +40
+67 Pat Smullen 2 v 0 Bye -

Quarter Finals
+50 Niall Lawless 2 v 1 Andrew Harvey +65
+65 Daniel Brcko 0 v 2 Alan Fitzpatrick +66
+20 Ivor Fitzpatrick 1 v 2 Kevin O'Brien +35
+20 Jason Keogh 2 v 1 Pat Smullen +67

Semi Finals
+50 Niall Lawless 1 v 3 Alan Fitzpatrick +66
+35 Kevin O'Brien 2 v 3 Jason Keogh +20

+15 Jason Keogh 3 v 1 Alan Fitzpatrick +66

Event details
Venue: Pioneers
Entrance Fee: 20 Euro entry fee includes table charges.
Format: All matches are best of 5
Handicaps: DBSL handicaps used.
Time: 10.00am Start
Dress code: Trousers and polo neck shirt

DBSL Series 1 Handicap Tournament in Pioneers

The 1st DBSL Handicap tournament of season takes place next Sunday September 25th in Pioneers snooker club. Entry is €20 which includes all table charges. Dress code Shoes, trousers and polo shirt.
Anyone wishing to enter please leave your name on the Facebook page or email

Leagues postponed a week

The start date for 2022/23 leagues season has been put back 1 week to September 27th with AGM taking place Monday the 26th In Roadstone @7.45pm.
Could any teams who have not yet sent in their team panels please email them to

Our condolences

The Dublin Billiards and Snooker Leagues were greatly saddened to hear of the passing of Kieran Brennan of Roadstone Snooker Club.
Kieran was an absolute gentleman both on and off the table and he would always greet people with a big smile, he will be sadly missed by all who knew him. Our thoughts and prayers are with Teresa and all his family at this time. May he Rest in Peace.

DBSL Calendar of Events 2022/2023 Season

***All below dates and venues subject to change. Updates will be provided regularly***

Date Event
25th September DBSL Series 1 Handicap Tournament in Pioneers
26th September DBSL AGM
27th September Leagues Commence
22nd October DBSL Series 2 Handicap Tournament in Roadstone
06th November DBSL Series 3 Handicap Tournament in Pioneers
19th November All Ireland Club Championship Qualifiers and Seeding
03rd December DBSL Series 4 Handicap Tournament in Roadstone
15th December Leagues break for Christmas
03rd January Leagues Return
07th January DBSL Series 5 Handicap Tournament in Roadstone
19th January All Ireland Club Championships in Killarney
20th January All Ireland Club Championships in Killarney
21st January All Ireland Club Championships in Killarney
22nd January All Ireland Club Championships in Killarney
19th February DBSL Series 6 Handicap Tournament in Pioneers
04th March Dublin Club Championships in Pioneers/Roadstone
05th March Dublin Club Championships in Pioneers/Roadstone
06th April Leagues Finish
08th April DBSL Individual Championships
11th April DBSL Cup Commences
19th May Presentation Night in Faughs GAA Club

Andrew Doherty is the 2022 National Intermediate Champion

DBSL would like to congratulate Andrew Doherty, of the Willows A snooker team, who won the 2022 National Intermediate Championship in the SBI Sports HQ venue, Carlow.
Andrew started off his tournament with a tense “Day of Deciders”, taking an opening first round 3-2 win over Kevin Mc Conville, and a second round 3-2 win over Mark Gleeson.
A tight Quarter final resulted in yet another decider with Andrew prevailing with a 3-2 victory over John O’Sullivan, securing him a place in the semi final on finals weekend.
Fast forward to finals weekend and the Semi Finals line up got underway with Andrew Doherty taking on Donal Foran and Colvin O’Brien taking on Dylan Rees.
Colvin came through his Semi Final match with a convincing 3-0 win over Dylan, while on the other side of the draw Andrew faced yet another deciding frame against Donal, but once again prevailed 3-2.
The Final was decided over a best of 7, refereed by John Tobin, where Doherty came out victorious, beating Colvin 4-1 and claiming the 2022 National Intermediate Championship Title.

Winner: Andrew Doherty pictured here with referee John Tobin


2021/22 Season Achievements – Congratulations

2021/22 Season First Cycle

Award Name
League Winners Roadstone A
League Runner up Pioneers B/ Willows B tied
No.1 Ranked Player Niall Lawless (Pioneers B)
Highest Break Andrew Doherty 91 (Willows A)

2021/22 Season Second Cycle

Award Name
League Winners Roadstone A
League Runner up Willows A
No.1 Ranked Player Tony Kenny (Roadstone C)
Highest Break Andrew Doherty 118 (Willows A)

2021/22 Season Tournaments

Award Name
League Cup Winners Darcy McGees B
League Cup Runner up Roadstone C
DBSL Series 1 Winner Daniel Merrigan (Roadstone A)
DBSL Series 1 Runner up Jamie Shields (Crucible Sports Bar)
DBSL Series 2 Winner Andrew Doherty (Willows A)
DBSL Series 2 Runner up Ivor Fitzpatrick (Pioneers A)
DBSL Series 3 Winner Philip Browne (Roadstone A)
DBSL Series 3 Runner up Paul McGrane (Roadstone A)
DBSL Individual Cup Winner Paddy Brady (Willows B)
DBSL Individual Cup Runner up Philip Browne (Roadstone A)

2021/22 Highest Break

Award Name
Highest Break of the Season Philip Browne 142 (Roadstone A)

Gallery from Presentation Night















DBSL Cup Draw and Results 2021/22

2021/22 Cup Draw

Pre-lim Round

Handicap Team Team Handicap
+3 Willows A 5 v 7 Roadstone A +0
+3 Crucible Sports Bar 8 v 1 Terry Rogers +0
+1 Pioneers A 7 v 1 Willows B +0
+2 Darcy McGees C 6 v 8 Darcy McGees B +0
+2 Pioneers B 7 v 8 Roadstone B +0

Quarter Finals
Quarter Final
Handicap Team Team Handicap
+0 Roadstone B 4 v 7 Roadstone C +1
+0 Roadstone A 8 v 9 Darcy McGees A +5
+0 Pioneers A 0 v 9 Darcy McGees D +4
+0 Crucible Sports Bar 4 v 7 Darcy McGees B +0

Semi Final
Handicap Team Team Handicap
+0 Roadstone C 7 v 6 Darcy McGees A +1
+3 Darcy McGees D 7 v 8 Darcy McGees B +0

Handicap Team Team Handicap
- - Roadstone C v Darcy McGees B -