Player Handicaps 2023/24 – Third Cycle

Handicaps as of 15th of January 2024

Player Club Handicap
Cian Daly Classic 35
Jordan Graham Classic 55
Mark Staunton Classic 55
Clayton Cregan Classic 55
Carl Smith Classic 49
Jack Beecher Classic 55
Stephen Weafer Classic 55
Philip Duggan Classic 55
Mick Holohan Glenalbyn Blue 56
Brian Hartford Glenalbyn Blue 58
Padraig Quinlan Glenalbyn Blue 55
Paul Holohan Glenalbyn Blue 69
Tony O'Connor Glenalbyn Blue 67
Mark Holohan Glenalbyn Blue 64
Gareth Pilkington Glenalbyn Blue 75
Niall Gaffney Glenalbyn Blue 59
Naoise Kelly Glenalbyn Red 35
Stephen Dalton Glenalbyn Red 45
Ross Dalton Glenalbyn Red 57
Michael Kearns Glenalbyn Red 40
Joe Coleman Glenalbyn Red 81
Shane McAllister Glenalbyn Red 76
Glen Foley Glenalbyn Red 75
Niall Lawless Pioneers Black 50
Peter Conroy Pioneers Black 57
Ray Kearns Pioneers Black 68
Pat Smullen Pioneers Black 67
Sean Hart Pioneers Black 41
Daniel McNamee Pioneers Black 47
Stephen Byrne Snr Pioneers Black 75
Harry Morgan Pioneers Black 42
Eric Pei Pioneers Black 25
Chris Humpries Pioneers Blue 5
Atiq Muhammad Pioneers Blue 7
Ivor Fitzpatrick Pioneers Blue 15
Kevin O Brien Pioneers Blue 33
Joey Kenny Pioneers Blue 42
Philip Conway Pioneers Blue 35
Joe McKeever Pioneers Blue 15
Brian O Rourke Pioneers Blue 40
Brian McPhee Pioneers Blue 20
Dehna Bennet Pioneers Pink 63
Mark Dunne Pioneers Pink 63
Matthew Dunne Pioneers Pink 77
Conor Condon Pioneers Pink 57
Andrew Harvey Pioneers Pink 73
Daniel Brcko Pioneers Pink 73
Paddy Miley Pioneers Pink 44
Oscar Ellison Gibbons Pioneers Pink 60
Ronan Deegan Pioneers White 40
Martin Garland Pioneers White 38
Kristian Hayes Pioneers White 25
Diarmuid O'Connor Pioneers White 22
Jamie Shields Pioneers White 50
Alan Fitzpatrick Pioneers White 55
Stephen Corrigan Pioneers White 65
Christy Ward Pioneers White 55
Philip Browne Roadstone A 5
Brendan Thomas Roadstone A 17
Stephen Merrigan Roadstone A 13
Ian Smith Roadstone A 10
Paul McGrane Roadstone A 6
Paul Smith Roadstone A 20
Daniel Merrigan Roadstone A 10
George Murphy Roadstone B 34
Mick Kearns Roadstone B 42
Pat Coburn Roadstone B 35
Aidan Bergin Roadstone B 35
Paul Arnold Roadstone B 39
John McDonald Roadstone B 35
Shane Merrigan Roadstone B 48
Jason Doyle Roadstone B 65
Mustaffa Roadstone B 65
Robert Kenna Roadstone C 25
Tony Kenny Roadstone C 46
Paul Smith Jnr Roadstone C 63
Dave Goodard Roadstone C 54
Rob Garvey Roadstone C 59
Martin McDonald Roadstone C 58
Lenny Malone Roadstone C 65
Brendan Canavan Roadstone C 33
Alex Hooper Roadstone C 76
Derek Fitzpatrick Roadstone D 25
Gavin Stokes Roadstone D 23
Philip McCaffrey Roadstone D 27
Stephen Reddington Roadstone D 10
Justin Byrne Roadstone D 35
Conor Gaffney Roadstone D 36
Conor Harkin Roadstone D 36
Stephen Byrne Roadstone D 32
Tommy Murphy Roadstone D 28
Mark Campbell Roadstone E 45
Philip O Connor Roadstone E 7
Dane Daly Roadstone E 15
Dylan Carey Roadstone E 25
George O Hara Roadstone E 8
Tony Corrigan Roadstone E 20
Andrew Doherty Willows A 11
Mark Farrell Willows A 28
Nicky Travers Willows A 33
Anto Mc Connell Willows A 55
Gary Mc Connell Willows A 50
Roy Connolly Willows A 40
James O'Toole Willows A 67
Owen Wade Willows A 50
David Ryan Willows B 53
Paddy Brady Willows B 28
Sean King Willows B 28
Dan Morris Willows B 62
Frank Byrne Willows B 53
Mick Mc Dermott Willows B 50
Conor O Riordan Willows B 35