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DBSL series 2 – Draw and Updates


Pre-Lim Round
+30 Liam Brady 3 v 1 Pat Smullen +65
+49 Tony Kenny 0 v w/o George O'Hara +05
+20 Robert Moynihan 1 v 3 Shane Merrigan +48
+72 Stephen Byrne Snr 1 v 3 Kevin O'Brien +35
+16 Paul McGrane 3 v 2 Mark Garvey +57
+59 Robert Garvey 0 v 3 Tommy Murphy +28
+45 Barry Stone 1 v 3 Brendan Murphy +35

First Round
+30 Liam Brady 3 v 0 Dave McIlroy +71
+42 Brian O'Rourke 3 v 1 George O'Hara +05
+48 Shane Merrigan 3 v 0 Kevin O'Brien +35
+35 Aidan Phelan 0 v 3 Philip Browne +05
+28 Daniel Merrigan 3 v 1 Stephen Byrne Jnr +30
+16 Paul McGrane 3 v 1 Ivor Fitzpatrick +20
+55 Niall Lawless 3 v 1 Aaron Holland +15
+35 Brendan Murphy 1 v 3 Tommy Murphy +28

Quarter Finals
+30 Liam Brady 3 v 1 Brian O'Rourke +42
+48 Shane Merrigan 3 v 1 Philip Browne +05
+28 Daniel Merrigan 1 v 3 Paul Mcgrane +16
+55 Niall Lawless 0 v 3 Tommy Murphy +28

Semi Finals
+30 Liam Brady 3 v 1 Shane Merrigan +48
+16 Paul McGrane 1 v 3 Tommy Murphy +28

+30 Liam Brady 3 v 1 Tommy Murphy +28

High Breaks

Player Break
Tommy Murphy 54
Liam Brady 46
Tommy Murphy 46
Tommy Murphy 45
Liam Brady 44
Tommy Murphy 42

Event details
Venue: Darcy McGees
Entrance Fee: 20 Euro entry fee includes table charges.
Format: All matches are best of 3
Handicaps: DBSL handicaps used.
Time: 11.00am Start
Dress code: Trousers and polo neck shirt

Dylan Carey wins DBSL Series 1 for the 2nd year in a row

Congratulations to Dylan Carey of Darcy McGees A, winner of the DBSL Handicap Tournament Series 1 for the second year in a row. Dylan beat Rob Garvey, of Roadstone D, 2-0 in the final.
DBSL would like to thank the Roadstone Snooker Club for their hospitality throughout the day and for providing excellent playing conditions. We would also like to thank tournament director Stephen Merrigan for coordinating the event, and to all who attended. There was a fantastic turnout for the first series of the season and we now look forward to the next one which will be held in Darcy McGees the first weekend of November.

For full event details, please click below.

DBSL Handicap Tournament – Series 1

Ivor Fitzpatrick wins First Challenge Tour

DBSL would like to congratulate Ivor Fitzpatrick, from the Pioneers, who won the Republic of Ireland Billiards & Snooker Association first RIBSA Challenge Ranking Tournament of the Season. The event was held on Sunday the 29th of September in the Darcy McGees Snooker Club. He beat Liam Brady from Darcy McGees 3-1 in the final which was reffed by Shane Mason.


New Season Breaks Off

The new snooker season for 2019/2020 kicks off tonight 24th September. The DBSL would like to wish everyone good luck in the new season. Hopefully there is a lot of fantastic snooker to come.

2019/2020 DBSL Season

The Dublin league’s new season is starting back September 24th. Our AGM will be held on Monday September 23rd in Darcy McGees @ 8pm. All teams for this season will receive the first weeks fixtures on Friday 20th September.

Deepest Sympathies

The Dublin Billiards and Snooker were saddened to hear of the death of Tony Kenny’s Mother. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tony and his family at this time.

Darcy McGees C and D win Div1 and Div2 Cups

Division 1

Quarter Final
Handicap Team Team Handicap
+1 Roadstone A 1 v 7 Willows A 0
0 Pioneers w/o v 0 Joeys 0
0 Darcy McGees A 5 v 9 Darcy McGees C +4
0 Darcy McGees B 7 v 9 Roadstone B +5

Semi Final
Handicap Team Team Handicap
0 Willows A 5 v 7 Pioneers +1
0 Darcy McGees C 7 v 6 Roadstone B +1

Handicap Team Team Handicap
+3 Darcy McGees C 8 v 2 Pioneers 0

Division 2

Quarter Final
Handicap Team Team Handicap
0 Classic 3 v 9 Darcy McGees E +5
0 Willows B 0 v w/o Darcy McGees D 0
0 Roadstone C 4 v 9 Darcy McGees F +5
0 Glenalbyn 7 v 1 Roadstone D +1

Semi Final
Handicap Team Team Handicap
+4 Darcy McGees E 8 v 9 Darcy McGees D 0
+5 Darcy McGees F 9 v 6 Glenalbyn 0

Handicap Team Team Handicap
+5 Darcy McGees F 8 v 9 Darcy McGees D 0

Classic win Division 2 Title

Congratulations to Classic Snooker Club who won the division 2 title with an impressive 17 point gap above nearest rivals, runner up Darcy McGees D.

Darcys B Win the Division 1 Title

Congratulations to Darcys B who won the division 1 title this week beating close rivals Darcys A in an epic playoff battle. Darcys B got off to a fine start on Tuesday night with Conor Harkin beating Dane Daly 2-0, but Stephen Reddington took the match back to equal footing by securing a 2-0 win over Gavin Stokes. However, Darcys B came out strong on Thursday night with Liam Brady beating Ian Smith 2-0, before Philip McCaffrey took the win home by beating Philip O’Connor 2-0.

Well done to (Winners) Darcys B and (Runner up) Darcys A,on a fine season of snooker.

Darcys B
Phillip McCaffrey
Gavin Stokes
Conor Gaffney
Liam Brady
Derek Fitzpatrick
Justin Byrne
Conor Harkin

Darcys A
Philip O Connor
Stephen Reddington
Ian Smith
Dane Daly
Dylan Carey
Fionn Comerford