Dehna Bennett wins 2024 Dublin Individual Championships sponsored by First Aid Systems LTD

DBSL would like to wish a huge congratulations to Dehna “The Bullet” Bennett, of Pioneers’ Pink, on winning the 2024 Dublin Individual Championships which was held over two days in Roadstone and Pioneers Snooker Club on the 23rd/24th March 2023.

Dehna’s path to victory began Saturday morning in the Roadstone Venue and included a tight 3-2 win over Roadstone C’s Martin McDonald in the last 16th match, contrasted with a solid 3-0 win against Dave Goddard, also from Roadstone C, in his Quarter Final match, to book a place in the last 4 on Sunday morning in Pioneers.
Dehna was in fine form heading into the Semi Final, meeting another Roadstone in form player, this time George Murphy, of Roadstone B. Dehna proved too strong against George on the morning and took advantage early, and pressed on to win the game 3-0 and book a place in the Final against Pioneer Blue’s Kevin O’Brien.

In the Final showdown Dehna started strongly, potting some key balls and playing tight safety, and quickly raced off to a 2-0 lead over his opponent before Kevin had a chance to settle. In the third frame, Dehna had a chance to take the match 3-0 but unfortunately went in off on the last red leaving Kevin ball in hand. Kevin potted yellow to pink to take the frame and hoped to start a bit of a comeback. This comeback was short lived however, and in the 4th frame Kevin overcut the final black and left it over the pocket. Dehna composed himself and sank the black with a solid long pot to take the frame and match 3-1.

Kevin’s impressive run to the final began in round 1 beating Pat Smullen of Pioneers Black 3-1, and Alan Fitzpatrick of Pioneers White 3-0 in the last 16, before eventually coming out victorious over Pioneers Black’s Daniel McNamee with a 3-1 win in the Quarter Final. On Sunday morning Kevin beat reigning Champion and fellow team mate Ivor Fitzpatrick 3-2 in a tense decider to book his place in the final against Dehna.

DBSL would like to thank both Roadstone Snooker Club and Pioneers Snooker Club for hosting this great event, including Niall Lawless, Kevin O’Brien, Brendan Murphy, Ivor Fitzpatrick and Stephen Merrigan for showing a great deal of hospitality to all the players throughout the event.

DBSL would like to once again especially thank First Aid Systems Ltd for sponsoring the event which has hugely helped support this great tournament and Snooker growth in Dublin.

Winner and Runner-up: Dehna Bennett and Kevin O’Brien


Semi Finalists: Ivor Fitzpatrick, Kevin O’Brien, George Murphy, Dehna Bennett


Full details of the event below.


Round 1 – Pioneers
12:00pm +15 Ivor Fitzpatrick 3 v 0 Eric/Mark +00
10:00am +25 Eric Pei 3 v 0 Mark Tucker +10
10:00am +11 Andrew Doherty 3 v 2 Michael Kearns +40
10:00am +67 Tony O'Connor 3 v 0 Andrew Harvey +73
12:00pm +47 Daniel McNamee 3 v 0 Fergal/Peter +00
10:00am +50 Fergal Hagen 3 v 2 Peter Conroy +57
12:00pm +55 Alan Fitzpatrick 3 v 1 Niall Lawless +50
12:00pm +67 Pat Smullen 1 v 3 Kevin O'Brien +33
Round 1 – Roadstone
12:00pm +46 Tony Kenny 3 v 0 Bren/Brian +00
10:00am +33 Brendan Canavan 3 v 0 Brian O'Rourke +40
10:00am +65 Lenny Malone 3 v 1 Dane Daly +15
12:00pm +34 George Murphy 3 v 0 Lenny/Dane +00
10:00am +28 Paddy Brady 1 v 3 Dave Goddard +54
10:00am +75 Stephen Byrne Snr 2 v 3 Brendan Thomas +17
10:00am +58 Martin McDonald 3 v 0 Brendan Murphy +33
12:00pm +63 Dehna Bennett 3 v 0 Martin/Bren +73
Last 16 – Pioneers Venue – Top Half of Draw
+15 Ivor Fitpatrick 3 v 1 Eric Pei +25
+11 Andrew Doherty 3 v 0 Tony O'Connor +67
+47 Daniel McNamee 3 v 1 Fergal Hagen +50
+55 Alan Fitzpatrick 0 v 3 Kevin O'Brien +33
Last 16 – Roadstone – Bottom Half of Draw
+46 TonyKenny 3 v 1 Brendan Canavan +33
+65 Lenny Malone 1 v 3 George Murphy +34
+54 Dave Goddard 3 v 0 Brendan Thomas +17
+63 Dehna Bennett 3 v 2 Martin McDonald +58
Quarter Finals
+15 Ivor Fitpatrick 3 v 1 Andrew Doherty +11
+47 Daniel McNamee 1 v 3 Kevin O'Brien +33
+46 Tony Kenny 2 v 3 George Murphy +34
+00 Dave Goddard 0 v 3 Dehna Bennett +63
Semi Finals – Pioneers
+15 Ivor Fitpatrick 1 v 3 Kevin O'Brien +33
+34 George Murphy 0 v 3 Dehna Bennett +63
Final – Pioneers
+33 Kevin O'Brien 1 v 3 Dehna Bennett +63
Player Break
Andrew Doherty 67
Brendan Thomas 62
Andrew Doherty 53

Event details
Venue: Roadstone and Pioneers
Entrance Fee: 20 Euro entry fee includes table charges
Format: All matches are best of 5
Handicaps: DBSL handicaps used
Time: 10.00am start
Dress code: Full Dress Code Last 4 – Polo Shirt and Trousers – Pre Semi Final