League Rules

Dublin Snooker League Rules
Section one Registration of Teams
1.1 All teams must complete an application form as issued by the the D.B & S.L committee.
1.2 Teams will consist of a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 8 players.
1.3 Teams with less than 8 players may register additional players before the 31st of January of that season.
1.4 All additional registrations must be of no higher standard than the highest rated player on the team.
1.5 No registered professional player can in any D.B & S.L competitions.
1.6 The D.B. & S. L will present winning teams and runners – up with 6 trophies per team in the league and cup competitions.
1.7 Teams requiring extra trophies must notify their divisional secretary in advance of the Presentation night.

Section two Matches
2.1 All matches are best of 3 frames unless otherwise stated.
2.2 Four different players per team to play in each match two Tuesday and two Thursday.
2.3 Away team must nominate first player to play in all league matches.
2.4 League matches are to be played Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 7:45pm sharp
2.5 Away team allowed 15 minutes late start in first match.
2.6 One frame to be deducted after 15 minutes second frame after 30 minutes in the second match first frame is deducted at 9:01 pm and second frame at 9:16 pm.
2.7 Home team must provide referees.
2.8 Postponed matches If teams postpone a match the teams must inform their divisional secretary also the match must be played within 4 weeks of the original date or the match may be declared void.

Section Three Results
3.1 All teams whether playing home or away must email their teams results to dublinsnookerleagues@hotmail.com by 6pm on the Friday each week. The result is to include team names players names (from both teams) and match score.
3.2 If a team receives a walkover it must be recorded as a walkover failure to do this and the result in that match will be void.
3.3 If a team is removed from the league during the season the following will happen
A If the team removed has completed a full section of matches (i.e has played every other team in the division) all these results will stand.
B If the team removed has not completed a full section of matches all matches played will then be declared void and all teams will receive maximum points for these and any remaining fixtures against this team.

Section Four Cup Competition
4.1 Cup starts at 7:30pm sharp No late starts.
4.2 All 12 frames to be played until a result is reached.
4.3 Home players must nominate home players in order of play
4.4 First 6 frames played at home second 6 frames played away
4.5 In the event of a tie the last two players to play will play a one frame decider
4.6 To be eligible to play in the cup a player must have played at least 4 league matches during the season or have been registered on that team from the start of the season
4.7 Winning team must email their result to dublinsnookerleagues@hotmail.com by noon the following day