All Ireland Club Championships Draw

Premier Section

Group A Group B Group C Group D

01 Q club Wiclow 01 Darcy McGees A 01 147 Antrim 01 Killkenny Shed
02 St Patricks Trim 02 New Institute A 02 Terry Rogers B 02 Crucible
03 Roadstone A 03 West Club 03 Potters Black 03 Terry Rogers A
04 Blackstaff 04 Graigue S/C 04 St Johns A 04 Potters Pink
05 Youghal 05 Cookies Derry 05 Cue club A 05 Drumaness

Championship Section

Group E Group F Group G

01 Mitchell's 01 Newbridge A 01 Douglas S/C
02 New Institute C 02 Green Baize 02 Ballina
03 Q club Wicklow B 03 Roadstone C 03 R&R snooker
04 Mechanics 04 Ballinasloe 04 Roadstone B

Group H Group J Group K

01 Terry Rogers C 01 CYMS Letterkenny 01 Darcy McGees B
02 A.S.C 02 Cue club B 02 Blackstaff B
03 Fermoy B 03 Newbridge B 03 Tuam
04 Potters blue 04 Darcy McGees C 04 Youghal C

All Ireland club championships 2018

Congratulations to the following teams who have qualified for the 2018 all Ireland club championships

Premier Section
Darcy McGees A
Terry Rogers A
Terry Rogers B
Roadstone A

Championship Section
Terry Rogers C
Darcy McGees B
Darcy McGees D
Roadstone B
Roadstone C

DBSL Handicap series

Event one
Last 16
Stephen Reddington +5 v BYE
Pat Smullen +60 w/o v Conor Harkin +35
Liam Brady +35 w/o v Conor Coyne
Stephen Byrne +65 0 v 3 Joe Curry +52
Dylan Carey +20 3 v 1 Alan Cussack +30
Dave Carton +40 1 v 3 Fionn Comerford +20
Kevin O Brien +35 3 v 2 Andrew Doherty +25

Quarter Finals
Stephen Reddington +5 3 v 0 Leo Brady +60
Liam Brady +35 3 v 0 Pat Smullen +60
Joe Curry +52 1 v 3 Dylan Carey +20
Fionn Comerford +20 3 v 1 Kevin O Brien +35

Semi Finals
Stephen Reddington +5 3 v 1 Liam Brady +35
Dylan Carey +20 1 v 3 Fionn Comerford +20

Stephen Reddington +5 0 v 2 Fionn Comerford +20

Division one individual draw

Congratulations to Daniel Merrigan on winning the division one individuals beating Mark Farrell in the final Daniel also had the highest break of the day with break of 77 in the final

Preliminary round
Darragh Cussack w/o Paul Ennis
Kieran Brennan 2 – 1 Mark Wilson

Last 16
Fionn Comerford 1 – 2 D Cussack
Kevin O Brien 0 – 2 Aaron Holland
Dave Carton 0 – 2 Mick Kearns
Mark Farrell w/o Alan Byrne
Nicky Travers w/o Darren Savage
Daniel Merrigan 2 – 1 Liam Brady
Andrew Doherty 2 – 1 Tony Nolan
Brendan Murphy 0 – 2 K Brennan

1/4 Finals
Aaron Holland 2 – 1 Darragh Cussack
Mark Farrell 2 – 0 Mick Kearns
Daniel Merrigan 2 – 1 Nicky Travers
Andrew Doherty 2 – 0 Kieran Brennan

Semi finals
Mark Farrell 2 – 1 Aaron Holland
Daniel Merrigan 2 – 0 Andrew Doherty

Daniel Merrigan 2 – 1 Mark Farrell
High break Daniel Merrigan 77

Dublin Club Championships

The Dublin Club Championships will take place on Saturday April 22nd @10am in Darcy McGees Snooker Club

Entry Fee €40.00 Per Team (which includes all table charges)
A team is four players plus subs
Teams can be mixed (Division two players can play with premier players etc.) But must play in the same club
Each player has his own individual handicap which remains the same no matter what team he plays with
Matches will be played in groups with the top two going through to the knockout stages
Any clubs interested in entering a team can text 0879263480 or email
Please include the names of your players when entering

Division Two Individual

Preliminary Round
Bernard Nolan 2 - 1 Pat Smullen
Rob Garvey 2 - 0 Jamie Nolan
Paul Smith 2 - 1 Leo Brady
Tom Moore 2 - 1 Rob O Brien
Mick Grogan 2 - 0 Stephen Byrne
Gary Quinn 2 - 0 Aidan Bergin

Last 16
Rob Garvey 2 - 0 Bernard Nolan
Darragh Leavy 2 - 1 Paul Smith
Nathan Edwards 2 - 0 Tom Moore
Lenny Malone 2 - 0 Mick Grogan
Sean O Toole 2 - 1 Brian Drum
Tyrek Doran 2 - 0 Keith Spooner
Gary Quinn 2 - 1 Tony Kenny

1/4 Finals
Rob Garvey 2 - 0 Darragh Leavy
Nathan Edwards 2 - 0 Lenny Malone
Mark Garvey 2 - 1 Sean O Toole
Tyrek Doran 2 - 0 Gary Quinn

Semi Finals
Nathan Edwards 2 - 1 Rob Garvey
Tyrek Doran 2 - 1 Mark Garvey

Tyrek Doran 2 - 0 Nathan Edwards

All Ireland Club Championships Draw

Premier Section
Group A Group B Group C Group D
01 New Institute Q Crucible Q 147 Antrim Q Q Club Wicklow Q
02 St Johns Newbridge A Roadstone A Youghal
03 Max Keady Terry Rogers A West Club Eddie Irvines
04 Potters A Drumaness Fermoy Roadstone B
05 Darcy McGees A Cue Club A Killkenny Shed Ivy Rooms

Time Group A Group B
Thur 09:30 St Johns bt Max Keady Thur 09:30 Crucible bt Drumaness
Thur 12:15 New Institute bt Darcy McGees A Thur 12:15 Newbridge A bt Cue Club Killarney A
Thur 17:45 Max Keady bt Potters A Thur 17:45 Terry Rogers A bt Drumaness
Thur 20:00 New Institute bt St Johns Thur 20:00 Crucible bt Newbridge A
Fri 09:00 New Institute bt Max Keady Fri 11:15 Terry Rogers A bt Cue Club Killarney A
Fri 11:15 Potters A bt Darcy McGees A Fri 11:15 Drumaness bt Newbridge A
Fri 13:30 Potters A bt St Johns Fri 17:15 Crucible A bt Cue Club Killarney A
Sat 09:00 Darcy McGees A bt St Johns A Sat 09:00 Terry Rogers A bt Newbridge A
Sat 14:00 New Institute v Potters A Sat 12:45 Crucible A v Terry Rogers A
Sat 15:15 Max Keady v Darcy McGees A Sat 12:45 Drumaness v Cue Club Killarney A

Time Group C Group D
Thur 09:30 147 Antrim bt West Club Thur 10:45 Youghal bt Eddie Irvines
Thur 12:15 Killkenny bt Fermoy Thur 13:30 Roadstone B bt Ivy Rooms
Thur 19:00 Roadstone A bt West Club Thur 19:00 Q Club Wicklow bt Ivy Rooms
Thur 21:00 147 Antrim bt Killkenny Thur 21:00 Q club Wicklow bt Roadstone B
Fri 09:00 Roadstone A bt Fermoy Fri 10:00 Eddie Irvines bt Ivy Rooms
Fri 13:30 West Club bt Killkenny Fri 14:45 Q Club Wicklow bt Youghal
Fri 17:15 147 Antrim bt Fermoy Fri 16:00 Eddie Ivines bt Roadstone B
Sat 10:15 Killkenny bt Roadstone A Fri 18:45 Youghal bt Ivy Rooms
Sat 15:15 147 Antrim v Roadstone A Sat 17:30 Youghal v Roadstone B
Sat 15:15 West Club v Fermoy Sat 17:30 Q Club Wicklow v Eddie Irvines

Championship Section

Group E Group F Group G
01 Ballina Crucible B Terry Rogers B
02 Cookies Derry Terry Rogers C Blackstaff
03 Darcy McGees B Green Baize St Johns B
04 N.U.I. Maynooth Mechanics Cappaquinn
05 Potters C

Time Group E
Thur 13:30 Cookies Derry bt N.U.I. Maynooth
Thur 16:30 Darcy McGees B bt Ballina
Fri 09:00 Cookies Derry bt Darcy McGees B
Fri 10:00 Ballina bt N.U.I. Maynooth
Sat 14:00 Ballina v Cookies Derry
Sat 14:00 Darcy McGees B v N.U.I Maynooth

Time Group F Group G
Thur 10:45 Crucible B BT Mechanics Thur 13:30 Blackstaff bt St Johns B
Thur 10:45 Green Baize BT Terry Rogers C Thur 20:00 Terry Rogers B v Cappaquinn
Thur 19:00 Potters C bt Mechanics Fri 12:15 Terry Rogers B v Blackstaff
Thur 21:00 Potters C bt Terry Rogers C Fri 16:00 St Johns B v Cappaquinn
Fri 10:00 Green Baize v Mechanics Sat 11:30 Terry Rogers B V St Johns B
Fri 16:00 Crucible B bt Terry Rogers C Sat 12:45 Blackstaff bt Cappaquinn
Fri 18:45 Crucible B BT Potters C
Sat 09:00 Green Baize v Potters C
Sat 11:30 Crucible v Green Baize
Sat 11:30 Terry Rogers C v Mechanics

Group H Group J Group K
01 St Pats Potters B A.O.H. Q
02 Trim Darcy McGees C Darcy McGees D Q
03 Cue Club B Youghal C Newbridge B
04 Ballinasloe Tuam Killtullaght

Time Group H Group J
Thur 15:00 St Pats bt Ballinasloe Thur 15:00 Potters B v Tuam
Thur 16:30 Trim bt Cue Club Thurs 16:30 Darcy Mc Gees C v Youghal C
Fri 12:15 St Pats bt Cue Club B Fri 13:30 Potters B bt Darcy Mc Gees C
Fri 12:15 Trim bt Ballinasloe Fri 14:45 Tuam bt Yoghal C
Sat 10:15 St Pats v Trim Sat 16:30 Potters B v Youghal C
Sat 10:15 Cue Club B v Ballinasloe Darcy Mc Gees C v Tuam

Time Group K
Thur 15:00 A.O.H. bt Killtullaght
Thur 17:45 Darcy McGees D bt Newbridge B
Fri 14:45 Darcy McGees D bt Killtullaght
Fri 17:15 A.O.H. v Newbridge B
Sat 16:30 A.O.H. bt Darcy McGees D
Sat 17:30 Killtullaght v Newbridge B

Leagues Resume

Division one and Division two resume on Tuesday January 03rd, The Premier league will resume on January 10th.

Century Board

Can team captains email any century breaks made during league matches and they will be posted here

Player Club Division Break
Chris Humphries Terry Rogers A Premier League 134
Fionn Comerford Darcy McGees C Division 01 106
Robert Redmond Roadstone A Premier League 106